Rajacoin - The Coolest Digital Asset

Rajacoin is the newest digital asset which is created as a fruit from research into application of industrial revolution 4.0. Rajacoin uses the newest blockchain technology and is considered a blockchain technology with robust smart contract on an internationally connected network of nodes.

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The first global payment solution with blockchain technology.

Best Blockchain that goes above and beyond what is available in the industry today

Rajacoin employs blockchain technology and decentralization methodology with makes it one of the most secure and efficient coins. Decentralization concept also allows Rajacoin to be a payment technology without the usual problems faced by centralized payment systems

Rajacoin users will be able to gain transactional freedom in a fast and secure way as well as accepted globally.

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Peer-to-Peer Transactions

Direct peer-to-peer transaction without middlemen.

Borderless Payments

Global payment with Rajacoin without borders.

Full Protection

Secure encryption and anonymity which protects Rajacoin users.

Smart Money

Smartest money that is born from industrial revolution 4.0.

Secure Wallet

All Rajacoin users will have a secure wallet that can be downloaded on their smartphones.

Easy To buy & Sell

Rajacoin will be easily traded anywhere and will be listed in several global exchanges.

Rajacoin Staking Program

Get Attractive Bonus and Returns by Joining RAJACOIN Staking Program

Limited time only to join Rajacoin Staking Program
Obtain Rajacoin now by exchanging your other digital assets or FIAT (IDR) currency as soon as possible. Staking program open for a limited time and by invitation only.
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Development Activity

Below is the development activity and latest project update for Rajacoin. Our team is working hard to develop and update Rajacoin with the latest technology and security improvements.

  • 2 hrs Ago

    Last Update

  • 4 Days Ago

    Last Block Found

  • 9057+


  • 15

    Team Members

Wider global network coverage

Rajacoin team is always developing our global network and reach. We are working towards making Rajacoin the best digital currency internationally

  • 6500+


  • 750+


Our main roadmap

Below is the main activity and roadmap for Rajacoin.

  • August 2019
    Project launched

    Project Rajacoin is launched

  • October 2019

    We successfuly deployed Rajacoin on mainnet

  • November 2019
    Web wallet release

    P2P transfer launched

  • December 2019
    Android wallet release

    Access from Android smartphones

  • January 2020
    iOS wallet release

    Access from iOS smartphones

  • March 2020
    First exchange listing

    Initial exchange offering

Frequently asked questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about blockchain and its technology.

Blockchain is an automated ledgering system spread through many nodes globally, each with identical information. We call this distributed ledger. With a decentralized ledger we can achieve immutability and accountability on the ledger information without anyone having absolute control over it. It is a truly democratic system with consensus amongst its users.
We use blockchain technology in an environment where there is very little trust. With blockchain we can verify and determine the validity of the ownership or transaction even if we don't trust the other party because information stored on the blockchain is immutable.
Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is based on technology. It is a form of digital money which may one day replace physical currency.
Rajacoin is one of the examples of the newest digital assets. Other than that, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens are other examples of digital assets.
Crypto digital assets use the latest in encryption technology. Your digital asset, including Rajacoin, will be safe if you don't give your wallet password or private key to anyone.
Crypto exchange is a marketplace much like the stock exchange that allows you to trade one cryto digital assets to another as well as sell them for FIAT currency.
Of course! Rajacoin can be sold at any digital assets exchange or a crypto exchange. Rajacoin can also be traded peer-to-peer among the users of Rajacoin.
Rajacoin is one of the most advanced digital asset and the team is working on multiple use cases for Rajacoin that will allow Rajacoin to be used in many ways.

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